Steven Meisel

Steven traces his obsession with beauty in all its forms to his early years. Long before he started taking photographs, he began gathering a world of visual references that would go on to inform his unique approach. Growing up in New York of the 60s and 70s he well aware of the stylistic revolutions taking place in fashion, music and art. It was the time of Warhol and the Factory, of happenings – a time to pick up a camera, make a Polaroid. Steven would often cut school to track down and photograph models on the street.

A True Master
of photography

Steven is unique among fashion photographers. He has mastered every part of the process from hair and makeup to fashion styling. It’s as if he knows exactly what will happen before he begins. Everything is Steven’s creation. Nobody else shoots in this way – others play their own instruments and have a backup band. Steven is the whole orchestra. The extraordinary images that result from this process are the translation to film of the visions that have played in his head since childhood.